Dubutwigim 두부튀김 – fried tofu cake

5 Dec

Dubutwigim 두부튀김 is one of Korean side-dishes (banchan). Thanks to its delicious sauce and crispy batter, Dubutwigim changes a simple meal into a real feast.

120g of tofu,
5ml of garlic juice,
10g of rice flour,
500ml of cooking oil.

Sauce ingredients:
2 tablespoons of soy sauce,
1 teaspoon of sugar,
1 teaspoon of vinegar,
100ml of water,
30ml of starch water.

Slice tofu into thin pieces. Drain off the water with a paper towel. Pour a drop of garlic juice on each piece. Cover tofu with a rice flour.

Bring the cooking oil to boil and deep fry tofu until it turns golden brown. Take it out.

In a heated pan, combine sauce ingredients and cook until the sauce gets a bit thick. Pour it over tofu.


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