Korea Brand Expedition: Chungcheong-do – National Science Museum in Daejeon

2 Oct

National Science Museum had been established in 1945 in Seoul, but its location has been changed to Daejeon in 1990. Currently it’s located in Daedeok Valley, near Expo Science Park.

National Science Museum consists permanent and special exhibition halls featuring Korean weapons or folk musical instruments, outdoor display space, movie theater, planetarium, and so on. The range of engaging exhibits on display at the Museum is enormous. It displays over 4000 items based on technology and natural science. The mission of this national all-round science museum is to help visitors understand the mystery of the nature and the harmony of it. It gives people a great opportunity to explore and easily understand the wonders of nature.

The Astronomical Hall, which is the largest dome in Korea, is the heart of the Museum. From here, you can see the phenomenon of the celestial sphere and the human development of space. The space theater gives an opportunity to see the re-created appearance of a night sky and a magnificent view of space development.

The Nature History hall includes approximately 2200 items coming from the astronomical department, the anthropology section, the Korea’s nature department dealing with the biological environment (such as fossils and mineral resources) and the biotic environment (such as mammals, birds, fishes and plants).

After getting familiar with the exhibit on how Korean paper hanji is made and the way the books were printed with movable metal type, you can experience the art of Korean metal type printing yourself.


2 Responses to “Korea Brand Expedition: Chungcheong-do – National Science Museum in Daejeon”

  1. sunmin October 3, 2011 at 5:13 pm #

    MaJa~ im sunmin. great job!!!!!!
    good night~


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